Officially, in order to use AirPlay to stream music from your iOS device, you would need either an Apple TV, AirPort Express, or an AirPlay-enabled receiver or set of speakers. Despite what Apple wants you to think, there is another way to stream music without any of those AirPlay-capable devices—you just need to have two iOS devices (or just one iOS device and a Mac).

Mar 17, 2020 PLEASE LET US Turn Airplay 2 OFF! | Sonos Community If you think airplay 2 is causing wireless interface, I don't think turing off airplay 2 on Sonos speakers is going to fix anything. Your iphones/ipads are still trying to find speakers out there. You really would need to turn off airplay 2 on those devices to kill the signal, if that is the issue. AirPlay not working, how to fix AirPlay and AirPlay Aug 20, 2019 How to turn on airplay without mir… | Apple Developer Forums How to turn on airplay without mirroring on iOS 10. So my apply tv likes to act up at times on Hulu or Netflix. So when this would happen I would use the airplay mode to start Netflix or Hulu on my phone and airplay the show without mirroring. This would allow me to play show while still having full access to texting and emailing without any

How to turn on AirPlay on a Mac to screen mirror it

Nov 16, 2019 · 2. Next, tap on AirPlay & Handoff. 3. Next up, tap on Automatically AirPlay to TVs. 4. On the next screen, you have three options: Never: Choose it to prevent your iOS or iPadOS device from automatically sending videos to the AirPlay supported smart TVs.

4. To turn AirPlay off, click the same AirPlay button on your computer and select “turn off AirPlay.” 5. As an added bonus, you can also use the television as a separate display so you can stream on the TV while still working on your Mac. You can do this by selecting “use as a separate display” on the AirPlay drop-down menu on the Mac.

To turn off AirPlay, click on the AirPlay icon on the right side of your Mac's menu bar and select Turn AirPlay Off. Alternatives: LG do not make a dedicated Mac application that supports Smart Share. In the case you don't have a 2019 LG TV, an alternative to screen share is using Plex Media Server. AirPlay not working? How to fix your AirPlay problems Fix any of your AirPlay problems with the tips below. Follow these troubleshooting tips to fix AirPlay problems with your Apple devices: Check your Apple device and AirPlay device are using the same Wi-Fi network. Make sure your Apple TV or AirPlay device is powered on and awake. Turn off and on Bluetooth on your iOS device. AirPlay Receiver - Turn iPhone/iPad/iPod into AirPlay Receiver X-Mirage enables to turn your PC/Mac into an AirPlay Receiver and stream iPhone/iPad screen to computer without hassle. When you install and launch this AirPlay Receiver software on your PC/Mac, you can easily mirror videos, audios, photos, or other AirPlay-enabled app from iPhone/iPad to … How to AirPlay from iPhone? Detailed Steps Here