First, you need a router that has the Static IP routing feature, so, in order to find out if your router has that, please connect to the router network, and sign in to the router management page. The router IP address default is usually set to,,, Buffalo routers use, Sabai is at

What are static routes and how do they work with my Nov 28, 2016 HP ProCurve Switch -- Configuring static IP routes The route’s administrative distance: In the case of static routes, this is the value the routing switch uses to compare a static route to routes from other route sources to the same destination before placing a route in the IP route table.

This lesson is all about IP routing. We will compare and contrast static versus dynamic routing and highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each option. You will then get a chance to configure and monitor static routes on IOS routers by using the command-line interface, including special cases like default routes. Router Operations

Floating Static Route - Static routes have a very low administrative distance of 1, this means that your router will prefer a static route over any routes that were learned through a dynamic routing protocol. If we want to use a static route as a backup route, we'll have to change its administrative distance. This is calle. IP Route command Explained with Examples

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Static routing is the most secure way of routing. It reduces overhead from network resources. In this type of routing we manually add routes in routing table. It is useful where numbers of route are limited. Like other routing methods static routing also has its pros and cons. Advantage of static routing. It is easy to implement. How to Add a Static TCP/IP Route to the Windows Routing Table Jul 03, 2017 How to Set Static IP Addresses On Your Router Jul 10, 2017 How to configure Static Routing on wireless routers? | TP-Link