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15 Free Mobile Encryption Apps to Protect Your Digital Jan 28, 2017 Encrypt Phone – Encrypt your phone calls no matter where Encrypt Phone is a new way of calling and receiving Encrypted Phone calls through your PBX Softphone, Desktop, Laptop, iOS or Android device. Enterprise Solutions. The Encrypt Phone, incorporated into your mobile network, It provides a secure and private voice-calling platform for businesses and organizations. How to Encrypt Android Phone for Extra Security? Aug 06, 2016

7 Reasons Why You Should Encrypt Your Smartphone Data

How to Encrypt Phone Calls - Freedom Hacker RedPhone – An Android application that enables encrypted voice communication between RedPhone users. RedPhone is a simple application that allows Android phones to communicate via an encrypted VoIP. In short this will encrypt phone calls between Android users…

An encrypted mobile phone has more features that prevent people to access to info on your mobile phone, as the blocking screen does. To better understand how these devices work, let’s consider a blocking screen as a padlock on your house front door.

In an effort to push back, Open Whisper Systems has been at the forefront of encrypted mobile communications for quite some time now. Their TextSecure and RedPhone apps—originally an exclusive feature in CyanogenMod ROMs—have brought secure, fully-encrypted calls and texts to smartphone users around the globe. How to Use Email Encryption on Your Smartphone or Tablet And that doesn’t even factor in law enforcement tools which can track your cell phone and record anything you send (yes, including unencrypted email). What to Look For in Mobile Encryption. If you want to make sure every email you send from your phone is secure, make sure you choose a program that uses client-side email encryption. TLS and Mobile phones and encryption | Digital Security News has recently bring attention on mobile phones encryption policies, particularly through the Apple vs. FBI case. The FBI unsuccessfully tried to force the firm to decipher the phone used by a terrorist. This article will aim at making an overview of the different encryption methods used by major mobile operating systems. Crypto phone - Wikipedia