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i have a windows VPN server (PPTP) behimd my Nighthawk R7000 router but the router is not allowing VPN passthrough?? Any ideas? I have ports 1723 TCP/UDP and GRE 47 TCP/UDP forwarded to my VPN server IP. Am i missing something? There used to be a checkbox to enable VPN passthrough but i dont see it

Verify the settings need for PPTP VPN on Router. Router A’s Status Page: Router B’s Status Page: Configuring a PPTP Server on TP-Link router . Step 1: Access Router A’s management page, click on VPN->L2TP/PPTP->IP Address Pool, enter Pool Name and IP Address Range, and then click on Add. Setting Up And Using OpenVPN On NETGEAR Routers NETGEAR VPN warning. This message is a reminder that if you don't use a dynamic DNS (DDNS) service, you won't be able to connect to your router if the WAN IP address changes. If you're going to use DDNS, go to Advanced Setup > Dynamic DNS and set it up before you go on.

Netgear uses OpenVPN. Most built-in in VPN support on mobile devices is intended for use with PPTP VPNs, not OpenVPN. At first, you might be frustrated with Netgear for using a protocol without the widest support, but they have very good reason: security. PPTP is the least secure VPN protocol.

Netgear ProSAFE FVS336G VPN Firewall Review Apr 28, 2015