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Mar 29, 2019

Netflix did, however, put the episode on YouTube for free in the country, should anyone wish to watch it. The company has also had to deal with takedowns in Singapore and Germany, as well as Jul 21, 2020 · Netflix has pulled the plug on its upcoming Turkish drama series “If Only” after the government there refused to permit filming because the show features a gay character. The streamer opted to

Jul 20, 2020

Dark has become a cult hit across the world, with Netflix viewers finding themselves hooked by the trippy German multiple-timeline show. The series, however, is coming to an end with Dark Season 3 Jun 25, 2020 · In other words, Netflix would never be able to find out which is your original country. With a VPN service, your traffic will be like as if it is coming from the US assuming you don’t actually live in the US but want to access the US version of Netflix. If you signed up for Netflix in a European Union member country but are currently watching Netflix in a different European Union member country, please see Traveling or Relocating with Netflix for more information about Netflix viewing while abroad.