Leaks like a sieve

Similar to Leaks like a seive American Civil War soldiers were often refered to as Civs and during battle these soldiers would typically have so many holes in them, and bleed so profusely that they became a slang refering to heavy leakage as they were unable to retain blood. LEAK LIKE A SIEVE (phrase) definition and synonyms leak like a sieve. phrase. DEFINITIONS 2. 1. to allow a lot of liquid or gas to come out. Synonyms and related words. +. To send something out into the air or environment. give off. Keep quiet and leak like a sieve are antonyms

FBI Report Shows Leak Investigators Leak Like a Sieve

Aug 01, 2008

leak like a sieve phrase. a memory like a sieve phrase. Word Forms +-singular: sieve: plural: sieves: DEFINITIONS 1. 1. an object that you pour a liquid or mixture through to remove the solid or largest pieces. It consists of a net of very thin wires on a metal or plastic ring. Synonyms and related words +-

Jul 09, 2018 I replaced the cartridge. still leaks like a sieve