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Jul 16, 2020 · Deactivate Your Twitter Account Head over to and log in to your account (you can only delete accounts from the web, not from mobile devices). Click your profile pic in the top-right and Sep 05, 2019 · Your twitter account is now deactivated and will be permanently deleted after 30 days. If you change your mind of deleting the twitter account, you can regain it just by logging in again with the existing username and password within 30 days. Keep in mind twitter will store your data only for 30 days after you deactivate your account. As I have mentioned before, it is unlikely that you can find the deleted tweets anywhere, but you can search on google to find the similar or exact text by putting the text in “….”. If you want google to find that text on the Twitter website adds the website address before the text, for example, I lost my tweets. After logging in to Twitter and visiting your Account Settings page, you can delete your account by clicking “Deactivate My Account.” Several minutes later, your account is no longer publicly visible, but some of your past activity may appear on Twitter for several days or in Google or Bing search results indefinitely. Jun 07, 2020 · Last Words on How to Delete a Twitter Account Permanently. This is the most straightforward method ever to delete a Twitter account. Using this official way any Twitter user can delete his/her account permanently. However, you will be able to make an archive your account as a backup file.

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How Long Before a Twitter Account is Deleted? | The Classroom Account Deleted Due to Inactivity. Twitter recommends logging in to your account and posting updates at least once every six months to keep your account active. You may not be able to tell if another user's account is active because her activity isn't necessarily publicly visible. If a Twitter user you currently follow doesn't post an update How to view a person’s tweets if they deleted their Yes, you can see the public tweets by searching on the Internet Wayback Machine; Internet Archive: Wayback Machine You however need to know the username of the person’s Twitter account. How to Delete Twitter Account permanently? - Delete Wiki