Before attaching the Pi to the Adapter board you will need to configure it for touchscreen use. Hook up your Pi to a keyboard and monitor. Open Terminal and type: sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard. Reboot your pi: sudo shutdown -r now. The keyboard can be found by clicking the Menu -> Accessories-> Keyboard.

TNC-Pi Assembly Instructions & Operating Tips TNC-Pi User Guide -6- 12/16/2019 Assembly Start by installing the parts that lie flat on the board. This includes: a. all of the 0.1uf monocaps and b. all of the resistors except for R6 and R7. Note that all of the components except for the 40 pin header are Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Setup - How to Configure Sep 13, 2019

Raspberry Pi Software Setup | Internet of Things Printer

GitHub - creative-workflow/pi-setup: Raspberry setup pi-setup fabric usage. call fab to see a list of all available commands and options call fab pi:[your pi-ip] run:"ls -al" to execute a command if you setup you config.yml proper you can also run fab pi run:"ls -al" setup/start/stop a service local or remote with fab [service]:[command] if you are on the pi or fab pi:[your pi-ip] [service]:[command] if you are on your extern machine(not the pi)

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Aug 30, 2019 How to Set Up a Headless Raspberry Pi, No Monitor Needed Jun 25, 2020 Planetary Interaction (PI) [Brave Collective]