The PIX is running version 6.3. Actually, one Windows 7 64 bit and one Windows 8 64 bit was working fine before we setup the site to site vpn which is connected to an remote ASA. Now the Windows 7 machine can connect fine to the ASA using client VPN but it just won't work with the PIX

May 01, 2013 DNS Resolution via VPN Not Working on Windows 10 | Windows Jan 22, 2020 Incoming VPN connection does not work on Windows 10

I can get it to work on Windows 7, iOS, and Android without any issue but Windows 10 just spins on the Connecting when you try to connect. It's not hitting the Meraki and is a issue with Windows itself and not the VPN itself. We use the Windows VPN client and up until recently it's worked fine until we updated our existing equipment along with

[SOLVED] cannot connect to vpn - Windows 7 Forum - Spiceworks Jan 13, 2012 VPN client doesn't work with Windows 7 - Cisco Community VPN client doesn't work with Windows 7 laptop I have VPN Client installed on a Windows XP laptop and a Widows 7 laptop. On both laptop it shows that I am connected. (At the bottom the padlock is locked). On the Windows XP laptop I can get to our company network drives and remote to severs. But on the Windows 7 laptop I cannot to our drives or

Session could not be established: session limit of 2 reached. It appears that there are already 2 sessions established and you are not allowed more than 2 sessions. This has to do with the licensing for AnyConnect. By default the ASA has licensing for 2 sessions, which would allow you to do some testing while you implement the VPN client.

How to Fix Windows VPN Connecting Only after a Restart