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Setting up router/WAP | AT&T Community Forums Sep 04, 2013 - What is the difference between a modem/router/switch/WAP? A Wireless Access Point (WAP) is a 'base station' device that connects a wired Ethernet network to a wireless network (WLAN) comprising one or more wireless devices. While very small WLANs can function without a WAP in "ad hoc" or "peer-to-peer" mode, WAPs support "infrastructure" mode which bridges WLANs with a wired Ethernet network and also How To Use an Old Router to Expand Your Wi-Fi Network - Tested

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any Computer

Many people even use modem/router combo units, which contain a modem, router, and wireless access point all in one device. These can save space and eliminate some wires, but just like shampoo and

Cisco WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point with Power Over

Because the WAP has been integrated to the router, it is common for the terms WAP and wireless router to be used interchangeably in referring to the device. Although being integrated into a router is the most common way of using a WAP, there are also WAP devices that are not necessarily integrated into routers.