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Feb 23, 2017 How to Change the Settings on WhatsApp on Android: 5 Steps Open WhatsApp Messenger on your Android. The WhatsApp icon looks like a green speech bubble … How to change Android Default Browser Settings | H2S Media Jun 09, 2018 How to change default camera app on an Android device for Android now offers a way of changing default apps options. Now it's pre-built. Just go to settings--> apps-->advance options or default apps. Here you can change your default option. But there are limited number of options available. For oreo, it

I am working with an android camera and I'd like to capture an image from the front camera even though the camera's default setting would be the back camera. Is this possible? When i try to capture an image from my app, the back camera will open since my default settings is the back camera.

Resetting the APN Settings to Default on Your Android Mar 24, 2015

Mar 24, 2015

Go to your Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Select the 'All' tab and scroll to the current dialer app. Scroll down and press the 'Clear defaults' button. Now when you select dial, you should be prompted to select a particular app and also have the opportunity to set a new default. How do I change the default photo viewer? - Android Sep 05, 2014 How to Change the Default Device Theme in Android O Mar 28, 2017