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Fix IPv6 Connectivity No Internet Access on Windows 10

Ipv4 No Internet access but Ipv6 Connectivity is OK I bought a Laptop with IE10 an Windows 8 installed. When I try to connect by WiFi, the Ipv4 access does IPv6 No internet access… Fix IPv6 No Network Access On Windows 10 | Triangle Gallery On the command window, type netsh winsock reset catalog and press Enter key. Then type netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press the Enter key again. Now the issue should be fixed by now. To check and make sure that these commands have taken effect you may close the … How to Fix IPv6 No Network Access Problem - YouTube

The interface information includes the IPv6 prefix of the interface, the network mask, the type of network it is connected to, the devices connected to that network, and so on. This information is propagated in various type of link-state advertisements (LSAs).

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