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Sony Bravia Troubleshooting Guide. Save time, fix your TV online: Step-by-step guidance Swift solutions Avoid future issues Missing channels & signal quality. An LED keeps flashing on the TV. The TV has no power. TV turns off or randomly restarts. External inputs & peripherials. Poor audio quality, mechanical sounds or no audio Cannot get BBC iplayer on Sony Bravia TV (Dec 2018 - Sony Cannot get BBC iplayer on Sony Bravia TV (Dec 2018) Can see there are some previous related posts, but these all seem ages ago and solved by it just starting to work again. If there is really a solution, sorry I missed it. i player just won't load, it's been like it for at least a month, or possibly two - registered the problem on the iplayer Home | BRAVIA Professional Display Knowledge Center Sony has unveiled its new BRAVIA™ 4K BU40H series professional displays for the commercial market. The advantage of this series falls not only on Sony's high picture quality, but also on the intelligent, convenient professional features and flexibility to customize. Compared with the previous generation BA35G series, the BU40H series has Sony Bravia Media Player keeps crashing - YouTube

Sony devices certified for BBC iPlayer | iPlayer help

Sep 15, 2010 BBC iPlayer Removed from Android TV : AndroidTV

BBC iPlayer discontinued on certain Sony BRAVIA TVs (2012-2013 models) - 17th January 2020 Applicable Products and Categories of This Article From 17th February 2020, the BBC has made the decision to remove iPlayer on some older Sony TVs due to …

Just bought a KDL-24W605A for the bedroom under the impression that it was a smart TV with access to BBC iplayer, having searched the TV features a hundred times I can't find it, and this includes on the SEN network. I bought it from a nationwide retailer and thier website dictates that iplayer is Sony Bravia for sale | In Stock | eBay The Sony Bravia offers users a beautiful picture that is sure to bring the action to life. Available on eBay in a variety of different sizes to fit any room, the Sony Bravia TV line comes with a full range of specifications to fit any users needs. In addition to standard high definition, models featuring 4K picture through an OLED display are