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How to view files on a xbox 360 disc on a PC? | Digiex Apr 28, 2011 Xbox 360 Open Tray Error? Here's how to fix it - iPhone Topics Dusty Xbox will make noise. So, use CleanDr x disc to clean the dust. Replace lens. Remove any disks. Open Xbox to readjust the lens. Solution 4: Short-term fix. Frequently, open/close tray until game works. Click on the Xbox at the time of reading. Place your Xbox horizontal/vertical to remove the dust. Take your Xbox to the Microsoft for repair. how to open the xbox 360 ac adapter? | Yahoo Answers

Open up your xbox 360. This is a great video with appropriate captions. Opening your xbox is the first step in modifying it or hacking it some way or another.

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Is your XBox 360 broken? Take at look at this instructional video and learn how to take apart your Xbox 360. By opening up your XBox, you'll be able to implement self … How To Open An Xbox360 ( - YouTube May 29, 2011